I am deeply, ridiculously in love with Tina Fey.

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Which season DVD is that?

Season 6!

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Did you feel like you had to leave the door open for any characters for a possible future reunion or something?

Fey: I don’t think we were thinking about that cause we were so exhausted and the thought about even doing one more episode, we were gonna drop dead. But we didn’t actually murder anyone so they could come back.
Carlock: I have a mutual murder pact if we ever go back.
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100 photos of > Tina Fey


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 aaaaah!;  XD;  

"He doesn’t deserve any friend!"

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"I promised myself I weren’t going to mutter anymore about things that make me angry but I’m muttering!
Here I am, muttering my way out of Jack Donaghy’s office.
What a surprise!
Well, I guess your time is valuable, but my time… [sour laughs] Your wife’s time’s valuable, sure, Shurk, she’s your wife!
But no, not your good old employee, Liz Lemon.
But you know what, I don’t wanna be a mutterer. I don’t wanna be a 41 years old mutterer. But if I don’t let this out, somehow this anger contributes to my acid reflux, which contributes to my flatulence which makes me reluctant to have… INTERCOURSE!"

Liz Lemon, Cut scene from 30 Rock.
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I will always have the regret of not have been able to see a Live episode of 30 Rock.


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WOWOWOW Cheyenne Jackson’s voice really is amazing! :D

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 30 rock;  

Tina, that’s not very professional to text during rehearsals…

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that made my day i s2g

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